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Assistance in Estate Planning, Establishing Living Trusts and Trust Administration

You have spent your entire life working to make life easier for yourself and your loved ones. You want to know that they will be taken care of, or that your business will continue on according to your wishes. The trust department at Peoples Bank & Trust is here to ensure these things happen.

Trust Services Available

Whether you are an individual, business owner or organization, Peoples Bank & Trust can assist with estate planning, cash/asset management or business continuation planning. Our trust department personnel can serve as a personal representative to your estate, as well as a trustee for any trust you create.

Personal Representative of an Estate

In serving this role, Peoples Bank & Trust provides:

  • Security and protection of assets
  • Asset valuation and inventory establishment
  • Investment of income due from your assets
  • Claim filing for insurance due to the estate
  • Distributions from estate to beneficiaries in accordance with your will

We can also assist with managing the investment portfolio of the estate, tax preparations, closing the estate, transferring assets to beneficiaries and maintaining all estate records in case of the need for future reference.

Serving as a Trustee

We will also serve as a trustee for any trust you create during your lifetime or upon your death if you choose (including revocable, irrevocable and life insurance). If you wish to have us serve as a trustee of your trust, Peoples Bank & Trust can:

  • Invest and manage your assets on a long-term basis
  • Keep your securities safe
  • Collect dividends, interest and other income
  • Prepare and maintain records of all transactions
  • Assist with executing security transactions through the broker you have chosen

Our trust department can also assist with many other aspects of your trust.

Come by our Main Office in Troy to Begin Your Trust Partnership with Us

No one enjoys planning for what will happen after their death, but it does provide tremendous peace of mind knowing your family, business or organization will be taken care of. Visit our main office in Troy to begin the conversation about your trust needs.