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Peoples Bank & Trust Bank Officers and Management Team

Having great leaders makes all the difference. At Peoples Bank & Trust, our bank officers and bank management work to keep us pointed in the right direction for the future. They focus on finding innovative banking and lending products that will help the individuals, families and businesses in our communities live and work better.


  • Justin St. Pierre

    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Troy Main Bank

  • Chris Brokaw

      Senior Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
    Troy Main Bank

  • John Armstrong

      Senior Vice President
    Troy Main Bank

  • Tim Meyer

    Senior Vice President
    O’Fallon Branch

  • Jim Ross

    Senior Vice President
    Louisiana Branch

  • Carla Angel

    Vice President & General Counsel
    Troy Main Bank

  • Terry Boling

      Vice President
    Troy Main Bank

  • Jere Burkemper

    Vice President
    Troy Main Bank

  • Robin Daniels

    Vice President
    Troy Main Bank

  • Tom Dickmeyer

                  Vice President                 Winfield Branch

  • Karen Douglas

    Vice President, Director of Human Resources
    Troy Main Bank

  • Ben Logan

    Vice President & Louisiana Branch Manager
    Louisiana Branch

  • Suzette Morris

    Vice President of Operations
    Troy Main Bank

  • Austin Rhodes

                Vice President              Troy Main Bank

  • Amber Shafer

    Vice President
    O’Fallon Branch

  • Mark Slyman

    Vice President
    Cottleville Branch

  • Carla Andrews

    Asst. Vice President/eBanking & ATM Manager
    Troy Main Bank

  • Mandy Carl

    Asst. Vice President
    Winfield Branch

  • Kimber Cordseimon

    Asst. Vice President
    Elsberry Branch

  • Tiffany Harris

    Asst. Vice President & Hawk Point Branch Manager

  • Bridget Higby

    Asst. Vice President & Accounting Representative Manager
    Troy Main Bank

  • Stefanie Koester

    Asst. Vice President & Bowling Green Branch Manager

  • Marla Kuntz

    Asst. Vice President & Loan Administration Manager
    Troy Main Bank

  • Margie Newsom

    Asst. Vice President, Personal Banker Manager & O’Fallon Branch Manager

  • Kris Moesch

    Asst. Vice President & Deposit Account Specialist Manager
    Troy Main Bank

  • Christine Rutherford

           Asst. Vice President            Bowling Green Branch

  • Michael Schieffer

               Asst. Vice President            Troy Main Bank

  • Jacob Schmucker

    Asst. Vice President & Cottleville Branch Manager

  • Amy Switzer

               Asst. Vice President             Troy Square Branch

  • Jacob Thompson

    Asst. Vice President
    Bowling Green Branch

  • Brad Howell

    Asst. Vice President & Business Services Manager
    Troy Main Bank

  • Doris Kaimann

    Troy Main Bank

  • Katie Key

             Operations Manager                Troy Main Bank 

  • Abigail Thompson

    Troy Square Branch Manager

  • Amy Taylor

    Elsberry Branch Manager

  • Ashley Wehde

    Winfield Branch Manager